Frequently asked questions

Is it safe and secure to order from your shop?

We process all the orders using PAYPAL payment. With this payment method, we would not be able to hold any of your personal card details. Paying using Paypal also provides ease and assurance that you have the right to get back your money if the item is not received or if there is a significant issue with the product.

Our website is secure, abide with the GDPR policy and our company is registered with the ICO. We would not disclose any of your personal details to any third party and correspondence would only be sent out for the purpose of notification regarding your ordered item.

Buyers have an option to register or buy an item as a guest user. Any marketing-related or new product information would only be sent out to buyers who chose to register and sign up to our newsletter.

What happens if I do not receive my ordered item?

Only very few buyers do not receive their items and based on our experience, this may be due to some factors such as incorrect address, the person is not known to the address or a buyer has not arranged for a redelivery if they’ve been missed by the post. Although this is uncommon, a postal mishap may also happen especially during the peak or busy period. There may be a delay or lost item in the post. Please note that during extremely busy period such as thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year season, there may be a few days delay but most buyers will eventually receive their item. Unfortunately, the latter is beyond our control.

Progress of International airmail can be tracked through the origin country but once the package is in the air, this could no longer be tracked. However, we can ask the UK post to contact the affiliated post of the country of destination to enquire the whereabouts of the package.

If an item is not received after the expected delivery date, please contact us so we can help sort out the issue. In the event that an item was not received due to postal mishap, we are willing to provide a refund or replacement at no extra cost.

Please contact us at or use the “Contact Us” form on our website.

What happens if I am not happy with the quality of the product?

We provide a no quibble returns policy. If a buyer is unhappy with their product for whatever reason or simply would like to change their mind, we can provide a refund of the item cost once the returned item is received. Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of returning the item.

We provide a 14-days money back guarantee so a buyer has 2 weeks to decide if they’d like to return the item. We do not provide a product sample testing so buyer should return the item unused, on its original condition and retail packaging. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

If a buyer would like to keep the product, we are also open into offering a reasonable partial refund if this is more amicable to both parties.

How long is the processing time?

Once an order is placed, it usually takes 1-2 working days to be processed. Once dispatched, buyer should receive an email notification. Please contact us if you have not received notification after placing your order as this may be due to incorrect email address or the email going into your spam folder.

How long will the shipping take?

This depends on the country of destination. Actual delivery time depends on the post and shipping method the buyer chooses. Based on postal shipping times, the estimated delivery lead time for ordinary posting are as follows:

United Kingdom – 2-5 working days

Europe – 10 – 15 working days

United States – 2-4 working weeks

Canada – 3-5 working weeks

Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and Asia Pacific– 4-5 working weeks

Asian countries- 4-6 working weeks

If you require a faster shipping method or the country of destination is not listed as above, please do enquire so we can provide the shipping quotation.

Do I have to pay for an additional custom and import taxes?

We are a UK based company and all our items are sent out from the UK. Some countries may apply custom and import taxes but based on our selling experience, this rarely happens as the product is a low-cost item. If you are unsure and worried about the custom and import taxes, please contact us. We are not responsible for any delays due to customs clearance.

Will I receive a tracking number?

This depends on the buyers chosen shipping method. For “free delivery”, this is sent via standard shipping. For UK and domestic shipping, this will be sent via Royal Mail with postal tracking and the letter gets scanned once delivered. The postal tracking id can be requested, if needed. However, if buyers pays for an extra postage for more secured delivery using the tracking and signed for delivery, there will be a tracking number readily available that will be provided on the dispatch notification.

For international orders, the standard shipping will not have a tracking number and will be sent via standard airmail. There is an option for a tracked delivery should a buyer be willing to pay for an extra postage. International tracked postage from the UK is expensive compared to other countries coming from China that can provide a tracking service despite their low cost item and free delivery because it is subsidised by their government. In countries like the UK, Europe and the USA, international tracked shipping may cost even more expensive than the item itself. However, some buyers are willing to pay for this additional postage for peace of mind and faster delivery.




Do you accept returns and exchanges?

We gladly accept returns and exchanges. We are aware that there are so many varied phone models and versions in the market available at present and some buyers do get confused with this. Buyer should contact us within 3 days of delivery to let us know of the returns and ship the item back within 7 days. Buyer is responsible for returning the item including the postage and packaging.  A return note is advised to be included so we would know how to process your returns after receiving the returned item.

Buyer should return the item on its original condition and retail packaging. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

We can provide an exchange to a different size if an item was ordered by mistake or incorrectly ordered. We can send the replacement at no extra cost using the standard shipping method.

How would I know the size of the phone case that I need to order?

Each phone case model can have different sizes depending on their year of release and brand. In our website, buyers can choose their phone model in a drop down menu.

All the phone cases I sell have compatibility with a particular model so it is important to choose the correct model upon purchase. It is buyer's responsibility to check the version and model number of their phone to avoid fitting issue. You can check this by going to the settings menu of the phone. Please contact me if you are not sure that the case will fit your phone.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?

Request of cancelation should be made within 12 hours of purchase. Please email us at or use the “Contact Us” form on our website as soon as possible. Once the item is dispatched, it is unlikely for us to retract your item from the post. We aim to dispatch the ordered items as soon as possible but should you decide to cancel within 12 hours of purchase and you have already received a dispatch notification, please do contact us as soon as possible. Buyer gets a refund once cancelation is fully authorised.


Can I change my order or delivery address?

Yes, you can change your order and delivery address as long as the item is still not dispatched. Ideally, please contact us within 12 hours of purchase if there is any issue with your order or delivery details.

Can I request for a personalised phone case?

Some of our phone cases can be personalised with your own text, image or design. This will be shown on the listing description or title if the case can be personalised. We can offer basic editing (such as changing brightness or contrast of image) to produce a better quality image, however, we will not be able to edit certain images that require extensive editing.

We are able to do personalised phone cases with your own design, photo or logo but processing time may vary as we will have to work with buyers to get approval before printing if we have to use your supplied image. This may also take longer during busy period. Please contact us if interested with having personalised phone cases.

How do I submit my image or text that I would like to print on the case?

You can email us the text, message or image at Alternatively, you can click the “Contact us” page if it does not require any image to be attached. If an image needs to be attached, it is best to send it via email.

Do you provide a discount for multiple orders?

All our items are reasonably priced and competitive in the market value. If you order more than 5 items, we may be able to provide a discount but please do contact us before placing your order.

If a buyer orders an item with a total item cost of £20 or 27 USD, we usually send the items on a tracking postal service at no extra cost to the buyers. This means that although we have not provided a discount on the items, we would have to shoulder the more expensive shipping method for more secured and faster delivery.


What about wholesale availability?

We are able to provide discount for bulk orders. If you plan to order our items as a give-away, presents, souvenirs for special occasions, or freebies for company and corporate events. Please contact us directly to get more details.

Is the product durable and long lasting?

This depends on the extent of usage of the product. For instance, the phone case is likely to be used daily so over time, there could be an expected wear and tear.  It’s the same way if you imagine wearing a shirt daily without washing it, it will become eventually dirty and show signs of extensive use.

We provide a care instruction note for each product ordered as a guideline. The material used in the leather type phone cases is faux leather at the back and fabric in the front. The design in printed in the front and due to the material used, this can get dirty over time or can have stains especially if the chosen design is white or light in colour. The vibrancy of colour on the print does not fade even when accidentally soaked in water or on long term use, however, the dirt may make the colours look dull or the light background dirty. The dirt can easily be cleaned by using cleaning wipes eg antibacterial wipes and this will sustain the original colour of the design making it look new, clean and clear again. Wiping can be done every few weeks or as desired to sustain vividness of the print long term.

The material used inside the phone case is of suede-type material. There may be some loose stitching over time and hair-like thread that may come with use. Do not manually pull the thread as it will make it worse and instead cut this with a scissor and this will stop the thread coming off. Like any other sewn material, there could thread that can come off and there will be more excess thread if this are being manually pulled. As emphasised, cutting the excess thread should immediately solve the issue. 

We use the phone cases ourselves for years so we know that it is long lasting and good value for money in protecting phones. We also have repeat customers who buy from us after a few years which reflects satisfaction of the quality of our product and good customer service.